Thursday, June 30, 2005

TOYOTA's Scandalous Behavior! Boycott Toyota! Let them know what you think of their hypocrisy!

PICKET TOYOTA Sat 7/2, 1-2:30 pm, 801 Santa Monica Blvd. (Corner of Lincoln) in Santa Monica as Toyota crushes RAV4-EV Electric cars (take Lincoln exit from I-10 and turn right), and start organizing for a California-wide BOYCOTT OF TOYOTA!

The general website is . Last week's successful protest pics are on .

If you can't make the demo, call or email:
Yukitoshi Funo-sama, US Corporate President
Toyota Motor Corp., USA
PO Box 2991, Torrance, CA 90509
(800) 331-4331

The issue is TRAGIC: Toyota, despite its "green" image, is treating RAV4-EV lease returns differently from others. Normally, lease returns are evaluate and, at worst, sold at auction to car dealers or auto dismantling yards, so the spare parts can be used on other cars of the same make. For example, if you had a Toyota Tercel, and wanted an air conditioner, you could go to the auto parts dealer and purchase one at a discount from the new price, because it had been salvaged from another Tercel.

Not so with the RAV4-EV. Instead of auctioning the car off on the free market, Toyota is CRUSHING and then SHREDDING some of the lease returns. NONE of these valuable parts are made available to auto parts dealers, and NONE of those lease returns are sold on the open market to those who would like to have an Electric car.

Why CRUSH them, if people are willing to pay GOOD MONEY for these clean, gas-free cars? After all, Toyota honorably SOLD (or lease/sold) over 300 RAV4-EV; so some will be out there for years, decades maybe, why not sell the rest?

Why doesn't Toyota use the great good will of RAV4-EV Electric car drivers to help promote its image as environmentally aware? RAV4-EV drivers are grateful, and would help Toyota's plans for a plug-in Prius, but this big resource is being discarded by Toyota.

(Next week will repeat at the same location, then a party afterward)

Lots of people showed up. There were 10 to 15 RAV4-EV, and too many people to enumerate: Larry M., Chelsea, Alexandra, Colette, Ted, Linda, Jim, Dency, Ms. King, Paul, Zan, Moira, Ms. Houston, Mike, and more, some just joined from other lists. CycleSantaMonica was here, and some DontCrush EV folks may particpate in their bicycle parade this week. I'm sorry not to jot down all the names, but it was a great and noisy event.


Many asked, "Why is Toyota doing this?". The best answer is that it's a bad policy that was set at the highest levels, and until they notice the bad effects, lower ranks will stick to it. It's our job to bring publicity to the apparent hypocrisy of Toyota espousing "green" stuff, but in reality stopping people from plugging in their cars to clean energy.

One expects "greenwashing" from the likes of ChevronTexaco or GM: but Toyota's CRUSHING and then SHREDDING Electric cars truly astonishes those who are now finding out about it for the first time.

Many people were actually turned away from the dealer, and many others expressed DISGUST with Toyota.

LOTS of support from passer-by, almost all flyers disappeared. There was a table, water and snacks, which will be present next week also.

The dealer promised to telephone Toyota HQ and complain, but don't know if it will get Toyota's attention.

Also this week, there will be a presence at Toyota Torrance HQ from 8AM to 9AM, if you can make it, please call 714-496-1567 for directions.

This is only the beginning...
This is unacceptable behavior, verging on the criminal!
Unless there is IMMEDIATE policy reversal, there is only one proper answer to this scandal:

Today in California... Tomorrow nationwide!


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