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“The Future of Foods” is a film everyone needs to see. It has its own website at: .

FILM DESCRIPTION: “There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America -- a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat. The FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade. For more information visit ”.

ABOUT “THE FUTURE OF FOOD”: “My goal was to make a film that gave the average person a clear understanding of how genetic engineering works, from the cellular level to the global level. I'm hoping this film can be a combination of SILENT SPRING, and THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS. Once you see it you'll feel compelled to act, even if that means just changing the the kind of food you eat.”~Deborah Koons Garcia.

Deborah Koons Garcia fell in love with filmmaking when she first picked up a Bolex while a student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1970. She was the instigator and Chief Creative Consultant for Grateful Dawg, a documentary about the musical friendship between her husband Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Grateful Dawg premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and went on to a lively run in film festivals, in theaters and on television. The Future of Food was shown over a dozen times as a work in progress in Mendocino County, California before the March 2004 election and was the primary element in passing “Measure H” which banned all planting of genetically engineered crops in the county, one of the most important of California counties. It was the first time U.S. citizens had an occasion to vote on this very important issue, and they made the right choice. All the people who worked on The Future of Food are proud that our efforts have had a real impact in the real world.

“The Future of Food provides an excellent overview of the key questions raised by consumers as they become aware of GM foods... (The film) draws questions to critical attention about food production that need more public debate.” ~ Film Review by Thomas J. Hoban, Nature Biotechnology Magazine, 03/05, V.23 N3

"This stylish film is not just for food faddists and nutritionists. It is a look at something we might not want to see: Monsanto, Roundup and Roundup-resistant seeds, collectively wreaking havoc on American farmers and our agricultural neighbors around the world. In the end, this documentary is a eloquent call to action." ~ The Telluride Daily Planet

"If you eat food, you need to see The Future of Food..." ~

ORGANISE LOCAL SCREENINGS: We highly encourage local groups to organize a film screening with Deborah Koons Garcia (the legendary late Jerry Garcia's widow) as a special guest: Ms Garcia is the CEO of “Lily Films” and the director, writer, producer of this provocative documentary.

One such event, which you could use as a model to arrange yours, was organized on June 26th, 2005 in Pasadena, California, by the itself legendary Dervaes family, a leading proponent of functional organic farming-gardening.

The highly informative Dervaes' site is here: and the announcement for the event itself was here: .

The Dervaes family runs “PATH TO FREEDOM”, a “Sustainable Living Resource Center & Urban Homestead”, which is slowly becoming legendary and is widely considered as a very successful model of functional organic farming-gardening.

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At February 25, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Blogger Jason "Pepe" said...

Excellent film must see!!
Jason "Pepe"
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