Friday, April 01, 2005

A couple quotes on enzymes.

Enzymes help for inner radiance, enhanced digestion, and nutrient absorption. They are great for helping digestion of fats, proteins, starches, cooked foods, etc.

The discovery of enzymes is one of the greatest breakthroughs ever achieved in nutrition. Only raw foods and enzyme supplements contain enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed by the cooking process. Enzymes help with weight loss, they accelerate detoxification/cleansing and greatly assist the digestive process - they transform amino acids, fats, starches, and minerals. Enzymes also increase nutrient assimilation and help rejuvenate aged skin and internal organs.

"Adaptogenic foods, such as ginseng (Panax ginseng), goji or wolfberries (Lycyum barbarum) or Moringa (M. oleifera and M. stenopetala) are such to a large extent because they bring us numerous enzymes and enzymatic co-factors in synergistic combinations." -- Francis Annenberg, PhD.

"Enzymes are catalysts. They are transformative elements. They are truly an alchemical symbol of transformation. On a physical level, enzymes help to overcome digestive lethargy. On a spiritual level, enzymes help to overcome life's ruts and setbacks - enzymes overwhelm spiritual stagnation... If you want things to change for you, if you want to attract and create beauty in your life, you have to do something different than you are doing now. If you desire a different destiny (destination) than relatives and friends who ended up dead broke or dead at the age of 65, then you must do something different now. Food enzymes make the difference." -- David Wolfe, in "Eating For Beauty".


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