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News of another miracle plant: UNHYBRIDIZED WILD JUNGLE PEANUTS!


Here is a piece of information we want to share with you:

We found the world's original ancient toxin-free peanut. WILD JUNGLE PEANUTS!The Rainforest is crazy. We couldn't believe the story about where these peanuts come from. But we promise that it's 100% true.One of our close associates works in Ecuador, sourcing and importing some really awesome raw food items for us. Recently, a friend of his invited him to visit a native local group of indigenous people. They are called the Shuar Indians.The only reason our associate even had the chance to go to their village was because his friend did something totally crazy. He participated in a sacred Shuar ritual. Since so few people are this bold - he earned their respect.Still, our associate was a little scared about the trip. The Shuars are known for their aggression. Especially toward outsiders. In fact, they are consistently battling other local tribes for control of the land.After much convincing, our friend finally decided to visit their village. When he got there, he was introduced to many of the elders, shamans (medicine men) and other villagers. He also found out that they were quite nice people, with rich traditions. Plus, they had an amazing understanding of nature.As he was getting ready to leave, some of the villagers brought him a basket with something TRULY AMAZING.HE COULDN'T BELIEVE HIS EYES.What he saw in the basket were some the most beautiful nuts he'd ever seen in his life. He didn't even know that they were peanuts at the time. They had perfectly golden-brown skin with smooth reddish stripes. Even their shape was beautiful.

AND THEN HE TASTED THEM!His first bite of these raw, wild jungle peanuts was mind-blowing. It wasn't easy for him to describe. They seemed to have a rich, "heirloom" peanut flavor and aroma. The texture was smooth and buttery - they nearly melted in his mouth. They may have been the best food he'd ever tasted."How much of these do you actually have?!" he asked. They really didn't know, but the peanuts seemed to be growing in lots of places. "Would you like to sell them? If so, I'll take 1,000 lbs. right away!" They were a little surprised, but they pooled their resources managed to harvest them, wash them and dry them in the sun. And they were happy to place their "pride and joy" in good hands.

BUT WHAT ABOUT AFLATOXIN? Our associate knew he wasn't in the clear just yet. Virtually all peanuts are known to have a mold on them called aflatoxin. So before he finalized the purchase, he sent some samples up to be tested with a company called, J. Leek & Associates. J. Leek is the top independent allergen testing facility in the United States - they work with and test for the USDA, as well as large companies like Jiffy Peanut Butter. They make sure peanut companies stay within safe ranges of aflatoxin.

NEARLY EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED BY THE RESULTS! Honestly, we all expected some amount of aflatoxin. But when the Lab Analyst from J. Leek called, he was perplexed. "Are you sure these are peanuts?" he asked. He had never seen anything like this. In four different samples, not a single one had even one part per billion of aflatoxin! That's unheard of! Even the very cleanest US peanuts have at least some aflatoxin present.When David, the guy telling this story heard the news, however, he wasn't surprised. In his books he mentions that one of the biggest problems with hybrid foods is their tendency to mold so easily (commercial peanuts are INCREDIBLY HYBRIDIZED). This peanut, on the other hand, is the ORIGINAL ANCIENT PEANUT.

It is the same peanut that existed thousands of years ago, in its most pure form. So it's not surprising that it's aflatoxin free.Further testing revealed some wonderful features of this peanut:*It contains over 40% of the beautifying oleic acid. This makes it truly "heart healthy."*It contains a whopping 26% protein! That's more than hemp or flax seeds. *It also has all 8 essential amino acids, plus some like methionine that are difficult to find in other foods.*It has the Arachidonic acid, a fatty acid typically only found in meat products.But this is just the nutrition - it's even more fun discovering what you can do with them. For example:*You could make (finally!) truly raw and totally toxin-free peanut butter and jelly! Don't you miss those days? Simply process the peanuts in your blender, juicer or food processor and put them on a raw Essene type bread or flax cracker. Then add your own homemade fresh fruit jelly (dried figs work great!) and you've got that familiar flavor you grew up with - only now it's 100 times healthier!*You can mix them with Cacao to make the best raw candies and treats ever! *You can add them to sauces, dressings, smoothies and more for an exotic, nutty flavor!*Best of all, these wild jungle peanuts are incredibly stable and taste wonderful straight out of the bag. You'll actually find it's hard to put them down.

However - THERE'S A CATCH...

One thing we didn't mention about the Shuar Indians is that their land is in jeopardy, due to the oil potential on it.Their group of approximately 4,300 Shuar people has title to roughly two million acres of primary forest. The Shuar are one of an increasing number of Amazonian indigenous groups who are organizing against oil exploration activities.

The Shuar have demanded that no oil development occur on their land, although ARCO has the exploration rights to two areas in their territory that encompass 2.5 million acres. The Shuar are putting pressure on ARCO and the Ecuadorian government to recognize their rights.But it's hard for a small group to go up against such large and monstrous companies. And this unfortunately means we don't know how long we'll be able to get these wonderful wild jungle peanuts!But the good thing is that if you buy them today, you help the Shuar to fight back. Every little bit helps, and each purchase contributes to the Shuar's sustainability. Also, the more their foods are recognized and appreciated by the US market, the more help and support they'll get from the Ecuador government, as well as non-profit groups.

We are not encouraging you to buy these peanuts right now, except as seeds to grow your own. First, they are so expensive (as a food), that only millionaires can afford them, second, the little of it there is should be reserved to raw foods people, and at that, only those rich enough to pay 20 times the going rate for US grown commercial nuts. But we are looking at how their sustainable cultivation could be organized, and destruction of the rainforest in the name of oil can be halted, providing these people with the means to resist their alien invaders. If you are interested in these issues, please contact us, and if you want to get a packet of seeds to grow some for your own consumption, we can arrange for you to get one for $19.77, shipping and handling included.


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