Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Quotes

Here is a quite interesting one... almost word for word what we said two weeks ago:

"The Earth is a living organism. That's what the Gaia Hypothesis is all about. Imagine the cells of your body as living individual organisms. In a way, they are much like any other single celled organism except they work symbiotically to support the colony, your body. If a few are damaged then the colony may survive. But if a large portion of it is destroyed, as in a cancer, then the whole colony (you) could die. This colony is an organism, you, your whole body. Now imagine the Earth as the same thing. An organism that evolved naturally, not to support life, but to be life. We are all (all animals, plants, minerals) part of that organism called Earth and the cancer is often us. But we can also be the immune system if we take care of the Earth. The Earth, the Mother, our host organism, the one we call Gaia.

We must wake up and work to save Gaia or be destroyed ourselves. Over population, abuse of resources, and pollution will kill us all if we don't do something about it. It's not necessarily for Gaia's sake but for ours. Gaia is stronger than us. Gaia will destroy the cancer through diseases (HIV, Ebola, etc.) or the cancer will eat itself (loss of ozone, depletion of oxygen sources, over population, nuclear war, etc.). Gaia will grow again as we go the way of the dinosaurs. So we either take care of Gaia, or Gaia will take care of us! "

The website it comes from is here:


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