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To the Great Genius of Wildmeister Viktor Schauberger, Modern Pioneer of our Understanding of Water & Natural Living Energies in Gaia, II

To the Great Genius of Wildmeister Viktor Schauberger, Modern Pioneer of our Understanding of Water and Natural Living Energies in Gaia, the Mother Planet, a Living Organism – II

Viktor Schauberger, the Water-wizard from Austria.


For a long time I have been interested in environmental subjects and new technique, which is co-operating with nature instead of against it. This is how I came in contact with Viktor Schauberger´s ideas and work. The reason why I got so interested was a book "Living Water" written by the Swedish author Olof Alexandersson. As this book is very well written and contains a good brief on Viktor Schauberger, his ideas and work, I strongly recommend it to everybody that takes an interest in these subjects.

After reading this book I felt very strongly that I needed to know more. After some problems with Implonik-Information I managed to get in contact with the author himself. From Olof Alexandersson I had some interesting material; later on I also had some more heavier mathematical/technical material that might be able after some time.

The material in the following articles is authentic and has been taken from the paper IMPLOSION and then translated into Swedish by O. A. IMPLOSION was published for the first time in 1961, laid down in 1990, but recently started again. If anyone would like to subscribe (only available on German, sadly enough) You can write to: Verein für Implosionsforschung und Anvendunge e. V. , Windschläger Str. 58, 77652 Offenburg, Deutschland.

I have selected one of these articles to be the introduction article because that I think it is easy to understand and that it gives an interesting view of the work and ideas of V.S. Because of my own incomplete knowledge of V.S., I cannot promise to answer questions, BUT I welcome any contacts. If you would like some more material than available here, I recommend "Living Water" and "Living Energies" by Callum Coats.

Books of interest: "The Living Water, Author: Olof Alexandersson Publisher: Gateway books .

Our environment is in danger

The air, the water, the earth are going to be wasted. The damages can be seen everywhere. Contamination, poisoning, plundering of the earth’s raw materials, everything breaks down the life-processes and destroy the energy sources. Our forests are dying; the food that we are eating is being destroyed. The quality of our lives is decreasing. This we can see daily, this is a fact well known to everybody even to those who themselves are "vampirising" nature and to the scientists who are "thinking one octave to low" regarding the natures way of functioning and who do not see the large energy-crises that are emerging.

"A new way of feeling for the nature is now beginning to emerge. This demands new scientific methods. Actually there is already a tradition on this subject even though it has been living as a subculture and has been considered as something ridiculous wherever or whenever it has popped up. This is where Viktor Schauberger has his place. It is about time that we see what useful things we can find even among the marginal and the heretic." Declared Dr Kerstin Anér, former Swedish Secretary of State, about the political responsibility of science, advocating considering the views of Schauberger as being central to the creation of a new global picture, focusing on co-operation with nature.

"The book is a flaming appeal, a cry so that we will wake up from our technical daydreams" P. A. Atterbom, from the Swedish paper "Hunting-grounds and Fishing Waters.

Written by Jens Landgré translated by Curt Hallberg


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