Sunday, February 27, 2005

There's No Negative In My Program

We decided to publish features articles, now and then, when we feel they could be helpful to people. Here is one, which qualifies.

This article is really a clever way for the author for promoting a book on “Niche Marketing” on the Internet, through the link at the bottom. However, since it is a quite good and uplifting article, the promotional page it leads to is also quite informative, and since there is nothing to object to what he promotes (nihil obstat, as the Church of old would have put it), as the product is reasonably-priced and excellent, and could prove quite empowering to many, here it is:

“There's No Negative In My Program”, by John Colanzi
* Imagine what you could achieve if:

* You were 100 % focused on your goal

* Eliminated all self -doubt

* Believed it were impossible to fail.

Are there really individuals who think like this?

You bet!

I saw a story the other night about two modern day cowboys.

Their real life experiences couldn't have been more amazing
if it was written by a Hollywood screen writer.

The next time I'm tempted to "suck my thumb" and have
a "pity party" I'll think of these amazing men.

The young men are brothers and champion rodeo stars.

But one day their lives were changed by an incredible
twist of fate.

The private plane they were flying in ran out of gas.
The pilot couldn't find anywhere to land safely and
they crashed.

Everyone on board had a broken back except one of the

Battered and bruised he got out of the plane. Looking
at the wreckage he realized the plane was about to catch
fire and all the passengers inside were trapped.

Without hesitation he forgot about his own injuries,
ignored the personal risk to his life and set his mind
on the goal of saving the other passengers including his

He had:

* Focused on his goal

* Left no room for failure

* Took immediate action

The interviewer said to the young man, "You must really
feel like a hero?"

Stoically he replied, "No, I knew what I had to to do.
I don't think of myself as a hero."


No trash talk, no in your face, just a modest young man
focused on what needed to be done.

If you think he's amazing, wait until you hear about his

Well you know about the young hero who saved his brother,
but that was just the beginning of the incredible feats
of these young men.

His younger brother arrived at the hospital with a broken
back. The doctors told him he would never be able to
compete again.

The interviewer asked the young man, "What did it feel
like when the doctors told you you'd never be able to ride

Without a second thought he replied, "I don't think I
really heard what they said." "There's no negative in my

When I heard that I couldn't believe it.

Here's a champion athlete with a broken back and his
only comment is "There's no negative in my program."


I wish I could think like that.

Was he in denial, was he crazy, no way.

Instead of cursing circumstance, crying poor me, he set
a goal and never looked back.

As soon as he was able, he began 4 hours a day of

When commenting on the pain he said, "My only focus was
on what I needed to do to remove the pain."

Low and behold after 16 months of:

* Being 100 % focused on his goal

* Believing it was impossible to fail.

The two brothers are rodeo stars again.

All because "There is no negative in their programs."

Imagine what you could achieve with just half the
determination of these modern day cowboys.

Maybe Willie Nelson knows what he's talking about when
he sings "My heroes have always been cowboys."

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

Copyright (c) John Colanzi.


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