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Interesting quotes....

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is aboutcreating yourself." -- George Bernard Shaw

"Life consists not simply in what heredity andenvironment do to us but in what we make out of whatthey do to us." -- Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceedsfrom the achievement of one's values." -- Ayn Rand

Mutually-Beneficial Objectivism (MBO) is at the core of "mutual empowerment" -- F.A.

"Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly." -- Lauren Bacall

Sunday, February 27, 2005

There's No Negative In My Program

We decided to publish features articles, now and then, when we feel they could be helpful to people. Here is one, which qualifies.

This article is really a clever way for the author for promoting a book on “Niche Marketing” on the Internet, through the link at the bottom. However, since it is a quite good and uplifting article, the promotional page it leads to is also quite informative, and since there is nothing to object to what he promotes (nihil obstat, as the Church of old would have put it), as the product is reasonably-priced and excellent, and could prove quite empowering to many, here it is:

“There's No Negative In My Program”, by John Colanzi
* Imagine what you could achieve if:

* You were 100 % focused on your goal

* Eliminated all self -doubt

* Believed it were impossible to fail.

Are there really individuals who think like this?

You bet!

I saw a story the other night about two modern day cowboys.

Their real life experiences couldn't have been more amazing
if it was written by a Hollywood screen writer.

The next time I'm tempted to "suck my thumb" and have
a "pity party" I'll think of these amazing men.

The young men are brothers and champion rodeo stars.

But one day their lives were changed by an incredible
twist of fate.

The private plane they were flying in ran out of gas.
The pilot couldn't find anywhere to land safely and
they crashed.

Everyone on board had a broken back except one of the

Battered and bruised he got out of the plane. Looking
at the wreckage he realized the plane was about to catch
fire and all the passengers inside were trapped.

Without hesitation he forgot about his own injuries,
ignored the personal risk to his life and set his mind
on the goal of saving the other passengers including his

He had:

* Focused on his goal

* Left no room for failure

* Took immediate action

The interviewer said to the young man, "You must really
feel like a hero?"

Stoically he replied, "No, I knew what I had to to do.
I don't think of myself as a hero."


No trash talk, no in your face, just a modest young man
focused on what needed to be done.

If you think he's amazing, wait until you hear about his

Well you know about the young hero who saved his brother,
but that was just the beginning of the incredible feats
of these young men.

His younger brother arrived at the hospital with a broken
back. The doctors told him he would never be able to
compete again.

The interviewer asked the young man, "What did it feel
like when the doctors told you you'd never be able to ride

Without a second thought he replied, "I don't think I
really heard what they said." "There's no negative in my

When I heard that I couldn't believe it.

Here's a champion athlete with a broken back and his
only comment is "There's no negative in my program."


I wish I could think like that.

Was he in denial, was he crazy, no way.

Instead of cursing circumstance, crying poor me, he set
a goal and never looked back.

As soon as he was able, he began 4 hours a day of

When commenting on the pain he said, "My only focus was
on what I needed to do to remove the pain."

Low and behold after 16 months of:

* Being 100 % focused on his goal

* Believing it was impossible to fail.

The two brothers are rodeo stars again.

All because "There is no negative in their programs."

Imagine what you could achieve with just half the
determination of these modern day cowboys.

Maybe Willie Nelson knows what he's talking about when
he sings "My heroes have always been cowboys."

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

Copyright (c) John Colanzi.

Thursday, February 24, 2005



It’s not very clear how the powers-that-be managed to let the following piece of info reach the public, but here it is, in all its splendor, and straight from the mouth of the horse: The food you eat, the water you drink, are poisoned. Poisoned in many ways, sometimes voluntarily (such as with water fluoridation and with aspartame, but also in ways you have no ideas of, such as the one you are going to read about. And, now and then, as is the case here, even the monopoly press has to admit to it!

What comes out of this article is that what average consumers eat and drink is so poisoned, that, in fact, it threatens to destroy the brain of babies, when passing through the milk of their mothers!

And perchlorate is just nothing, compared to aspartame, fluoride, terminator seeds, synthetic hormones, herbicides and pesticides, “Genetically-Modified Organisms” also known as GMOs and “frankenfoods”, and other “partially hydrogenated” goodies! As twice Nobel Laureate, Dr Otto Warburg, put it, you are a fool if you eat anything not grown or by yourself, or by people you know, and can trust!

If you want to know more, and why, you could start with reading “The Cancer Cause - Cancer causes and cofactors: What is causing CANCER?” This article contains numerous quotes by Professor Warburg, from "On The Origin of Cancer Cells," SCIENCE, (24FEB1956), Volume 123, Number 3191, pp. 309-314. It can be found here: .

Dr Otto Warburg wrote, for example, "On The Origin of Cancer Cells," which can be found in SCIENCE, (24 Feb1956), Volume 123, Number 3191, pp. 309-314. He was then the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Cell Physiology, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany. This article is based on a lecture delivered at Stuttgart on 25 May 1955 before the German Central Committee for Cancer Control. It was first published in German [Naturwissenschaften 42, 401 (1955)]. The English translation was prepared by Dean Burk, Jehu Hunter, and W. H. Everhardy of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md., with permission of Naturwissenschaften and with collaboration of Professor Warburg, who introduced additional material. Dr Warburg demonstrated that “The first phase of tumor development is initiation. It occurs when cell's genetic makeup get altered, enabling it to divide more freely than it should. DNA can be damaged by: - Radiation - Viruses - Free radicals but mainly: - Chemicals” (Carcinogens - there is more than 500 + known carcinogens today. Many of them are in our food, water and other products that we are using every day).

Dr Warburg warned that unless we as a society change the way we eat, the number of cancers would skyrocket. Indeed, when Dr Warburg warned the powers-that-be and the public, about 1 in 6 or 7 people were going to get cancer in their lifetime in the USA, already up from 1 in 25 or 30 at the beginning of the XXth Century. Today, 50 years later, it is OVER 50%. You have MORE THAN ONE CHANCE IN TWO TO GET CANCER IN YOUR LIFETIME! As for children born right now, their chances are probably already over 90%. Additions to their diets such as perchlorates will do the trick.

[The following copyrighted article is hereby reproduced for non-commercial informational purposes under USC Title 17]:

“Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk”, By Marla Con, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, Wed. Feb. 23, 2005. [All emphasis by our staff).

Scientists on Tuesday reported that perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, was contaminating virtually all samples of women's breast milk and its levels were found to be, on average, five times greater than in cow's milk.

The contaminant, which originates mostly at defense industry plants, previously had been detected in various food and water supplies around the country. But the study by Texas Tech University's Institute of Environmental and Human Health was the first to investigate breast milk.

The findings concern health experts because infants and fetuses are the most vulnerable to the thyroid-impairing effects of the chemical.
Breast milk from 36 women in 18 states, including California, was sampled, and all contained traces of perchlorate.

Perchlorate blocks the nutrient iodide and inhibits thyroid hormones, which are necessary for brain development and cellular growth of a fetus or infant. A baby with impaired thyroid development may have neurological defects that result in lower IQ or learning disabilities.

The researchers recommended that pregnant and nursing women block the effects of perchlorate by taking iodine supplements as a precaution.
At the levels they found in breast milk, the scientists reported that 1-month-old infants would take in enough perchlorate to exceed a safe level, called a reference dose, that was established last month by a panel of the National Academy of Sciences.

"It is obvious that the NAS safe dose … will be exceeded for the majority of infants," the report published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology says. Some infants would ingest so much that they would exceed levels that altered the brain structure of animals in laboratory tests.

The findings come as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is developing an enforceable limit on the amount of perchlorate in drinking water based on the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences panel. Currently there is no national standard.

"This is not just another study," said Renee Sharp, a senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group, which advocated a strict national standard. "It ends the questions about whether women are passing along perchlorate to their kids through breast milk, and the sky-high levels the scientists found put more than half the kids over the safe levels the NAS now recommends."

Environmentalists have urged the EPA to set its standard based on the body weight and perchlorate intake of an infant rather than an adult. Toxicologists said that would probably mean a standard of a few parts per billion. Pentagon officials have said that would shut down many water systems across the country and cost the military and its contractors billions of dollars in cleanup costs. They have instead lobbied for a standard of about 200 parts per billion based on thyroid studies of adults.

The new findings "will practically force EPA officials to write a drinking water standard that protects infants — not just healthy adults," Sharp said.

California has set its own public health goal of 6 parts per billion but it is not an enforceable limit.

The Texas Tech researchers, led by Andrea Kirk, reported that the perchlorate in breast milk was not linked to the water the mothers drank. Instead, the main source was probably food, which apparently was tainted by irrigation water.

The finding that perchlorate is pervasive in breast milk and reaches high levels is somewhat of a surprise to toxicologists, because, unlike many other industrial chemicals, it does not build up in tissues over time.
Instead, it appears that the amount passed on to the infant in breast milk is determined by what the mother has just eaten.

Perchlorate levels are particularly high in the lower Colorado River, which supplies irrigation water to almost 2 million acres of cropland. The river, government officials believe, has been tainted by leaks from a Kerr-McGee plant near Lake Mead.

The highest perchlorate levels, one reaching 92 parts per billion, were found in the breast milk of two women from New Jersey. The average was 10.5 parts per billion, compared to 2 parts per billion in cow's milk. Forty-six of 47 samples of dairy milk purchased in 11 states, including California, contained perchlorate.

Sujatha Jahagirdar, clean-water advocate at Environment California, an advocacy group, said it was "absolutely appalling" that a component of rocket fuel was found in mother's milk.” We sure agree with him!

And here is what Dr Budwig, a six time Nobel Award nominated doctor (but the powers-that-be each time made sure she did not get the actual prize) had to say about Gaia Ecology, and the influence of what we do, what we eat and what we drink: "Every interference or intervention which disturbs man's biological-dynamic balance, his place in the cosmic scheme of things, in the dipolar field current of Electro-magnetic powers which surrounds the world, and its creatures, and which govern the entire cosmos, every interference with the far reaching relationships, promotes the disease of cancer." -Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. See more about her at .


Do like Dr Otto Warburg did, and GROW YOUR OWN FOOD, in well-prepared soil rich in humus and compost, OR PARTICIPATE in a “Community-Supported Agriculture” scheme with people you can trust!

Not only your life, but the life and well-being of your children as well may depend on it!

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The idea is simple: If we ever want to save the planet, and in the process, save ourselves, we need to think differently, outside of the frames of ordinary thought, and do bold things.

Here is a history of the model concept, that is, where our name for this endeavor comes from:

Of course, We, the Peoples, do not have the resources of any aspects of the powers-that-be.

However, the powers-that-be have proved incapable of doing much good, and very capable of doing much harm. They prove the point every day, day after day. Therefore, the task of changing our lives, and, in a way "Change Life Itself" (SM), can only be assumed by those who reached the necessary level of consciousness and awareness.

And that, perhaps, means... YOU!

Bookmark this post, it will be constantly updated!

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Compost tea is ancient. You can find references to it in texts dating back to the Roman Empire (Cato's De Agricultura). So says a real doyenne of dirt, microbial ecologist Elaine Ingham, who wrote this to Ketzel Levine in a recent e-mail:

(Cato the Critic) describes a liquid extract of compost. He also describes adding slaves' blood to the liquid applied to the vines. We would add liquid fish today to get a similar effect.
In the 20th century, compost tea makers preferred the Sock Approach. The recipe went something like this: Fill old sock with compost or manure, immerse sock in pail of water, let steep. When color is sufficiently brown, apply to plants.

But that's way too simple for the 21st century. We now take a more microbially balanced view of things (and, wouldn't you know it, a more marketable one). The Sock Approach, after all, left many with nasty-smelling brews that contained as much bad bacteria as good. So, folks in the field applied themselves to compost tea mixes with just the right combination of microorganisms.

As Elaine Ingham puts it, "Tea works because of the biology in it. If you don't have the necessary biology, you can't get all the benefits."

The benefits are well worth the effort, advocates say. We're talking pest and disease control on leaves (compost tea as foliar spray), bigger and better vegetables (compost tea as muscle juice), compost tea for soil detoxification (to undo the damage you've already done with chemical-based pesticides and synthetic fertilizers), and ultimately, for enhancing soil structure.

Few would argue against the wisdom of adding yummy bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes to the soil. Certainly, compost tea is one way to add them.

But Elaine Ingham does argue that there are charlatans in the biz.

Without naming names, she's not entirely thrilled with some of the commercial brewing kits on the market. She says the tea they make lacks the right mix of microorganisms, and are ineffective. She fears that people will abandon the whole idea of compost tea after sinking time and money into products that are duds.

I brewed up about six gallons of compost tea using the SoilSoup brew machine. I applied several cups of the stuff to strategic plants throughout my garden. I don't expect to see much of anything happen until next spring, and even then, since my soil isn't exactly dust to begin with, I'm not sure I'll see much of a difference.

Nevertheless, I have had my fair share of foliar diseases this year and just a few too many pests, so I'm willing to overcome my general reluctance to intervene (read: lazy gardener), and will continue to experiment with the brewer. No doubt, after the dew-good fades, I'll probably go buy some organic pre-mix and just follow directions. Bottom line, however good it is for me, I've always hated to cook.

Additional Resources:

SoilSoup is the manufacturer of the compost brewer we used in our demonstration. They offer a pretty lively (if decidedly commercial) Web site with useful links.

The Soil Food Web is the brainchild of microbial ecologist Elaine Ingham, author of The Compost Tea Brewing Manual (3rd Edition). You could dawdle here for hours. Skeptics rejoice, she is no-nonsense about her field, as evidenced by her reviews of microbe-brewers.

BBC Laboratories is another micronutrient-rich site and research lab. Love their summary guide for microbial analysis; amaze and impress your friends.

Woods End Research Laboratory is the oldest compost testing lab in the U.S. Stop here to learn about using compost to detoxify soil (a.k.a., bioremediation).

In the best name category, the makers of the Microb Brewer win hands down. Good links page, too.

Some of these links are a bit beyond the casual home-brewer and cater to professionals, but are worth visiting if you're interested in sustainable agriculture.

Alaska Giant: The slideshow will make you a little nuts, but John & Mary Evans clearly mean well with their mail-order compost kits for the home gardener. You can sample their brew at Landscape Supply in Palmer, Alaska. Honest!

Compost Tea: EPM Inc. manufactures both compost tea brewers and vermicomposting systems (remember the worms?).

Growing Solutions, Inc., another brewmaker. Need a 500-gallon tank?

Earthworks wins the good deed award for selling compost tea machines to dozens of U.S. golf courses. Feed your head? Way dated. Now it's Feed Your Soil.

If you've made it this far, here are a couple of articles:
Linda Chalker-Scott, from the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle, weighs in on the myths of compost tea.

Homemade compost tea instructions from Organic Gardening.
Here's a succinct article by Elaine Ingham about compost tea, published in the (now defunct) Kitchen Gardener.

[If you want to know more about compost tea, just visit Ketzel Levine's page at: who compiled this information]

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More on Compost - II


More on Compost - II




What is compost?

Composting is a way to give back to the earth what it gave us, and to recycle organic materials into "The Health and Wealth of the Earth: Humus", as the great soil specialist of last century, Andre Birre, put it -- This was the title of his seminal book.

What is bio-dynamic compost?

Biodynamic compost is a compost made according to bio-dynamic specifications. It is a fundamental component of the biodynamic method; serves as a way to recycle animal manures and organic wastes; stabilize nitrogen; and build soil humus and enhance soil health. Biodynamic compost is unique because it is made according to very precise specifications. See our articles "More on Compost".

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike." - John Muir

People asked...

Dr Maria C. Linder, Professor of Biochemistry at CalState Fullerton, once wrote about him: "Composting is not something one can pick up overnight and really do well. It takes years to get real expertise... Bio-dynamic composting is more scientifically based than most and is by far the most impressive method I have encountered. Jack has studied the process for many years, and with the best Masters in the business." [Only one of them, Peter Dukich, is still alive, and flirting with becoming a centenarian.]

Professor Linder added: "At this time, there are very few people in the country with [Jack] experience and expertise." In fact, Dr Annenberg once said that "Jack is the only remaining Living Master in biocomposting, besides Peter Dukich."

But truth is that Professor Linder herself is in fact a renowned expert in the field. However, she did not focus her entire business career on producing the most amazing composts, like Jack did...
[Visit his wenpage at ]


AND BIO-DYNAMIC SUSTAINABLE FARMING & GARDENING has partnered with to bring you the most advanced organic biodynamic compost there is as part of a pilot project in "miracle plants cultivation". needs land for its new model facility. See our other post about that.


NEW: A newsgroup dedicated to SAVING GAIA, our common Mother Planet, and SAVING OURSELVES IN THE PROCESS, Homepage:

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To give you an idea of the complexity of the preparation of biodynamic compost, and how incredible results you can get with it, you could look at the following webpages: (fully illustrated)

Here is an excerpt from that site: Biodynamic Compost: Biodynamic compost is a fundamental component of the biodynamic method; it serves as a way to recycle animal manures and organic wastes, stabilize nitrogen, and build soil humus and enhance soil health. Biodynamic compost is unique because it is made with BD preparations 502-507. Together, the BD preparations and BD compost may be considered the cornerstone of biodynamics. Here again, "biological" and "dynamic" qualities are complementary: biodynamic compost serves as a source of humus in managing soil health and biodynamic compost emanates energetic frequencies to vitalize the farm.The traditional manner in which the biodynamic compost is made is rather exacting. After the compost windrow is constructed, Preparations 502-506 are strategically placed 5-7 feet apart inside the pile, in holes poked about 20 inches deep. Preparation No. 507, or liquid valerian, is applied to the outside layer of the compost windrow by spraying or hand watering.Figure 1. Use of Biodynamic Preparations in a Compost PileValerian (507) is mixed into a liquid; a portion is pored into one hole, and the rest is sprinkled over the top of the compost pile.More specific instructions on biodynamic preparations, placement in the compost, compost making, and compost use can be found in the following booklets, available through the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDFGA) in San Francisco, California:Blaser, Peter, and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer. 1984.

Bio-Dynamic Composting on the Farm: How Much Compost Should We Use? Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, Inc., Kimberton, PA. 23p.Corrin, George. 1960. Handbook on Composting and the Bio-Dynamic Preparations. Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association, London. 32 p.Koepf, H.H. 1980. Compost - What It Is, How It Is Made, What It Does. Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, Inc., Kimberton, PA. 18 p.Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried. 1984. Using the Bio-Dynamic Compost Preparations & Sprays in Garden, Orchard, & Farm. Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, Inc., Kimberton, PA. 64 p.

Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (1899-1961), a soil microbiologist and agronomic researcher who worked directly with Steiner, conducted extensive research on the preparation and use of biodynamic compost. For many years Pfeiffer served as a compost consultant to municipal compost facilities, most notably Oakland, CA, as well as countries in the Caribbean, Europe, and the Far East.

Pfeiffer's research into the microbiology of compost production led to the development of a compost inoculant, BD Compost Starter®, that contains all the BD compost preparations (502-507) plus stirred BD No. 500, as well as 55 different types of microorganisms (mixed cultures of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, yeasts). BD Compost Starter® is widely used by biodynamic farmers because it is easy to apply while building the compost pile. Today, the starter is prepared and sold through the Josephine Porter Institute (JPI) for Applied Biodynamics (5) in Woolwine, Virginia.While use of BD compost preparations and/or BD Compost Starter® is universal in biodynamic composting, the actual construction and maintenance of compost piles — including frequency of aeration and length till maturity — may vary among farming operations.

The static pile method is the traditional biodynamic choice: In static piles materials are formed into a windrow, inoculated with BD preparations, covered with straw, and left undisturbed for 6 months to one year prior to use. A small amount of soil is commonly sprinkled onto the outside of the pile prior to covering with straw. Soil can also be added during the windrow construction process, when brown (carbon) and green (nitrogen) feedstock materials are laid in alternating layers.On larger farms that handle massive volumes of compost feedstock, the piles are often managed with a compost turner, so the time to maturity is much shorter, for example 2-3 months.

A new development is the aerated static pile (ASP), wherein ventilation pipes are inserted into a static pile to increase oxygen supply and reduce the length of time to compost biomaturity.Contrasting viewpoints exist in the compost industry as well as amongst on-farm compost makers as to which method is best. When push comes to shove, most people agree that the best compost method is one that fits the individual farmer's situation.Recent biodynamic research supports the static pile approach as a viable compost option. In the July-August 1997 issue of Biodynamics , Dr. William Brinton of Woods End Agricultural Research Institute published "Sustainability of Modern Composting: Intensification Versus Costs and Quality. " Brinton argues that low-tech composting methods are just as effective in stabilizing nutrients and managing humus as the management and capital intensive compost systems that employ compost turners and daily monitoring. These findings are particularly encouraging to farmers choosing the low-input approach to this age-old practice of transforming organic matter into valuable humus. The full report can be viewed on Woods End Institute's website at: <>.

At the other end of the compost spectrum are the high intensity windrow systems — for example the Controlled Microbial Composting system promoted by the Siegfried Luebke family of Austria and the Advanced Compost System promoted by Edwin Blosser of Midwestern Biosystems in Illinois — that emphasize specialized compost turners, microbial inoculation, frequent turning, daily monitoring for temperature and CO2, compost fleece to cover and protect the windrow, and qualitative testing for finished compost. In addition to efficient handling of organic wastes, premium-grade compost is a goal.It should be noted these highly mechanized systems seem to fit operations that generate large volumes of animal manures or other compost feedstocks, such as a dairy farm or food processing plant. On-farm production of compost is often matched with sale of bagged or bulk compost to local horticultural operations as a supplemental income.

Ultimately, the choice of composting method will depend to a large extent on the scale of farming operation, equipment and financial resources on hand, and intended goals for compost end-use.Research at Washington State University (WSU) by Dr. Lynn Carpenter-Boggs and Dr. John Reaganold found that biodynamic compost preparations have a significant effect on compost and the composting process.Biodynamically treated composts had higher temperatures, matured faster, and had higher nitrates than control compost piles inoculated with field soil instead of the preparations. The WSU research is unique for two reasons: it was the first biodynamic compost research undertaken at a land-grant university, and it demonstrated that biodynamic preparations are not only effective, but effective in homeopathic quantities.

A summary of this research can be found on the USDA-Agriculture Research Service's Tektran Website at: Effects of Biodynamic Preparations on Compost Development
In related research, Carpenter-Boggs and Reaganold found that biodynamically managed soils (i.e., treated with biodynamic compost and biodynamic field sprays) had greater capacity to support heterotrophic microflora activity, higher soil microorganism activity, and different types of soil microrganisms than conventionally managed soils (i.e., treated with mineral fertilizers and pesticides).

A summary of this latter research can be found on the USDA-Agriculture Research Service's Tektran Website at:Biodynamic Compost and Field Preparations: Effects on Soil Biological Community
Because compost is often at a premium on farms, European biodynamic researcher Maria Thun developed Barrel Compost. Consisting of fresh cow manure that has been treated with the original preparations as well as egg shells and basalt rock dust — then allowed to ferment in a pit for about 3 months, finished Barrel Compost is diluted in water and applied directly to the fields as a spray. Use of Barrel Compost compensates to some degree for lack of sufficient compost. A variation on Barrel Compost is mixing stinging nettle with fresh cow manure in a 50:50 volume to volume ratio.Some notable concepts and practices relating to soil and compost management from the biodynamic experience.

Microbial inoculation: Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer's work with composts in the 1940's and 50's led to the development of the BD Compost Starter®, one of the earliest compost inoculants in commercial use in the United States.Soil in Compost: The addition of soil to compost was an early biodynamic practice prescribed by Steiner. Dr. Pfeiffer discussed the reasons and benefits for adding soils to compost in the 1954 edition of Bio-Dynamics Journal (Vol. 12, No. 2) in an article titled "Raw Materials Useful for Composting." He said that soil is an essential ingredient to compost and should be added at 10%-20% of the windrow volume.Mineralized Compost: The addition of rock powders (greensand, granite dust) to compost piles is a long-time biodynamic practice known as mineralized compost. The dusts add mineral components to the compost and the organic acids released during the decomposition process help solubilize minerals in the rock powders to make nutrients more available to plants.

Phases of Compost: An outgrowth of Dr. Pfeiffer's compost research was a clearer understanding of the Breakdown and Buildup compost phases:The Breakdown Phase: In the breakdown phase organic residues are decomposed into smaller particles. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, amines, and finally to ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and free nitrogen. Urea, uric acids, and other non-protein nitrogen-containing compunds are reduced to ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and free nitrogen. Carbon compounds are oxidized to carbon dioxide (aerobic) or reduced methane (anaerobic).The identification and understanding of breakdown microorganisms led to the development of a microbial inoculant to moderate and speed up the breakdown phase. The BD Compost Starter® developed by Dr. Pfeiffer contains a balanced mixture of the most favorable breakdown organisms, ammonifiers, nitrate formers, cellulose, sugar, and starch digesters in order to bring about the desired results. The microbial inoculant also works against organisms that cause putrefaction and odors.

The Buildup Phase: In the build-up phase simple compounds are re-synthesized into complex humic substances. The organisms responsible for transformation to humus are aerobic and facultative aerobic, sporing and non-sporing and nitrogen fixing bacteria of the azotobacter and nitrosomonas group. Actinomycetes and streptomycetes also play an important role. The addition of soil, 10% by volume, favors the development and survival of these latter organisms. The development of humus is evident in color changes in the compost, and through qualitative tests such as the circular chromatography method.Compost & Soil Evaluation: Biodynamic research into compost preparation and soil humus conditions has led to the development or specialized use of several unique qualitative tests.A notable contribution of biodynamics is the image-forming qualitative methods of analysis; e.g., circular chromatography, sensitive crystallization, capillary dynamolysis, and the drop-picture method. Other methods focus on the biological-chemical condition; e.g., The Solvita® Compost Test Kit and The Solvita® Soil Test Kit (8), colorimetric humus value, and potential pH.

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A TIMELY ISSUE: Climate changes, particularly in areas such as California, are in the process of making the issue of EFFICIENT LOW-COST HILL & LANDSLIDE MANAGEMENT a very timely one, and this should prove more and more true in the years to come. Despite this, mainly for lack of understanding of the dynamics at hand, very little expertise is offered on the subject, and even less in form of integrated efficient solutions.

Common sense indicates that the vegetation used for hill and landslide management must offer a certain number of characteristics such as:
Good general adaptability and drought resistance.
Adaptation to specific local climates.
Capability to grow at very high rates, and particularly, to develop long and solid taproots, even in dense plantations.
Good relative resistance to fire.
Tolerance of coppicing in relation to potential fire hazards [Coppicing is the practice of clear-cutting to soil level trees capable of growing again from their roots -- ideally as if nothing had happened at all.].
Low maintenance.
Potential for profitability or at least no-cost management.

AN ENORMOUS POTENTIAL MARKET: If you still doubt that landslides are a global problem, and consequently, a vast and very promising global market for innovative and efficient low-cost long-term solutions, please consult List of Current Landslide Related News, at

A CALL FOR GRANTS & FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIPS: Careful research allowed us to identify several tree species offering all of the above characteristics, and to define a business model, which could allow offering specific cultivars and clones as well as related services in what we believe to be a potentially very profitable manner.

To prepare a comprehensive business plan as well as conduct small scale experiments as well as perhaps one medium-scale proof of concept implementation, we need approximately $100K to $250K, which could be provided or as grants, or as “seed investment” by “angel investors”.

At the same time, we will try to identify communities or properties faced with acute landslide problems, and negotiate with them small local contracts to be used as models for wide-scale implementations of the different models we are currently researching.

For more information:

© 2005 NOSEPRAS Foundation & SORAS Trust. All rights reserved worldwide.



Fortunately, awareness of such issues has increased in the past years. For example, the National Institute of Building Sciences writes in “Resist Natural Hazards, by the WBDG Safe Committee”, :

Buildings in any geographic location are subject to a wide variety of natural phenomena such as windstorms, floods and landslides, earthquakes, and other hazards. While the occurrence of these events cannot be precisely predicted, their impacts are well understood and can be managed effectively through a comprehensive program of hazard mitigation planning. Mitigation refers to measures that can reduce or eliminate the vulnerability of the built environment to hazards, whether natural or man-made.

Only after the overall risk is fully understood should mitigation measures be identified, prioritized, and implemented. Basic principles underlying this process include:

The impacts of natural hazards and the costs of the disasters they cause will be reduced whether mitigation measures are implemented pre-disaster (preventively) or post-disaster (correctively). Proactively integrating mitigation measures into new construction is always more economically feasible than retrofitting existing structures. (…)

All mitigation is local. Most mitigation measures, whether structural or regulatory, fall under the jurisdiction of local government. Additionally, mitigation initiatives are most effective when they involve the full participation of local stakeholders.

In they add:


Erosion Control Measures: The erosion of soil caused by precipitation or wind can lead to destruction of vegetation, degradation of property, and sedimentation of local water bodies as well as unstable building foundations and potential loss of structural integrity. Erosion control measures can be implemented to stabilize the soil (e.g., seeding and mulching, installing pervious paving) and/or to retain sediment after erosion had occurred (e.g., earth dikes and sediment basins). These help to reduce the negative impacts on water and air quality as well as mitigate potential damage to a building's foundation and structural system due to floods, mudslides, torrential rainstorms, and other natural hazards.

Landscaping: Keeping sustainability and safety goals in mind, designers can create landscaping schemes that can at once reduce environmental impacts and deter crime. For example, landscaping elements such as retention ponds and berms can be used to control erosion, manage storm water, and reduce heat islands while also serving as physical barriers to control access to a building and to deflect the effects of a blast. Native or climate tolerant trees can help to improve the quality of the site as well as provide protection by obscuring assets and people.

In fact, they even call for sustainability and advocate “an integrated, synergistic approach that considers all phases of the facility life cycle.

This "sustainable" approach supports an increased commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation, and results in an optimal balance of cost, environmental, societal, and human benefits while meeting the mission and function of the intended facility or infrastructure.” See .
For more information:

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What is a Mudslide? A hillside shifts sending mud, rocks and trees rumbling down its slope. Homes and property are buried or swept away. People are left homeless, injured or even killed. Worldwide, thousands of people die every year from land and mudslides. In the United Sates alone, land and mudslides cause an estimated [$2 billion] in damage and kill 25 to 50 people every year. [It will be a lot more than that from 2005 onward…]

Mudslides: Mudslides often occur because the natural vegetation has been removed from steep slopes, which, in addition, have rarely been terraced. When there is a lot of rainfall in a short period of time, the soil layer becomes unstable and slides down the sides of mountains. Mudslides are also common along coastal areas…

Solution? Natural Hillside & Landslide Control through Terracing & Vegetation Management:

"We should learn from disaster, the laws of nature cannot be tampered with.” Adi Susmianto, Conservation Director of the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry's regional and Forest Conservation Directorate General, about a mudslide that killed several hundred people, and the solutions to the problem. This solution is as valid in Malibu, California, as it is in Indonesia.


According to the U.S. Government (FEMA, ), landslides are a serious geologic hazard common to almost every state in the United States. It is estimated that nationally they cause up to $2 billion in damages and from 25 to 50 deaths annually. Globally, landslides cause billions of dollars in damage and thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Individuals [and communities] can take steps to reduce their personal risk.

Some landslides move slowly and cause damage gradually, whereas others move so rapidly that they can destroy property and take lives suddenly and unexpectedly. Gravity is the force driving landslide movement. Factors that allow the force of gravity to overcome the resistance of earth material to landslide movement include: saturation by water, steepening of slopes by erosion or construction, alternate freezing or thawing, earthquake shaking, and volcanic eruptions.

Climate changes will make landslides more and more common, unless their underlying causes are properly addressed.

The true cause of landslides: Landslides are typically associated with periods of heavy rainfall or rapid snow melt and tend to worsen the effects of flooding that often accompanies these events. In areas burned by forest and brush fires, a lower threshold of precipitation may initiate landslides.

Wildfires can also lead to destructive debris-flow activity. In July 1994, a severe wildfire swept Storm King Mountain, west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, denuding the slopes of vegetation. Heavy rains on the mountain in September resulted in numerous debris flows…

Here is the main point to understand: Landslides, mudslides, and the like, are not “Acts of God”. 90% of these types of problem have a very human origin. Basically, this is a problem of vegetation, or rather, lack thereof, or lack of optimal vegetation: Entirely a human-created problem.

Consequently, the most efficient way to address these problems and ward them off is proper reforestation and vegetation management. This is particularly true in heavily populated areas. To make it short, except in the case of major earthquakes, landslides are not truly a geological problem, but mainly a manmade environmental problem. Worse, with zoning laws and such, they are often also a governmental problem as well, meaning here that government regulations and activity can be one the causes of the problem, rather than a contributor of solutions. About this, see which shows that "However much we would wish to think of these as strictly natural disasters, human activities play a significant role in increasing risk and vulnerability.” As the United Nations themselves say in “The human role in natural disasters” at , “Improved management of ecosystems can save lives”. And not only the lives of some far-away people you might care little about, but your life, the life of your family, the life of your neighbors. To say nothing about loss of property, and potential numerous other inconveniences.

All this means that, in practice, the principal cause of landslides is deforestation and destruction of vegetal cover, usually the consequence of past or present human activity. If human activity is the main cause of landslides, reason compels to consider that reversing the effects of this activity is probably the best way of reversing the unwanted consequence of it: Landslides. Which is, in fact, proves exactly true in the vast majority of cases.

Awareness Information: Areas that are generally prone to landslide hazards include existing old landslides; the bases of steep slopes; the bases of drainage channels; and developed hillsides where leach-field septic systems are used. Areas that are typically considered safe from landslides include areas that have not moved in the past; relatively flat-lying areas away from sudden changes in slope; and areas at the top or along ridges, set back from the tops of slopes.

Learn what to watch for prior to major landsliding. Look for patterns of storm-water drainage on slopes near your home, noting especially the places where runoff water converges, increasing flow over soil-covered slopes. Check hillsides around your home for any signs of land movement, such as small landslides or debris flows or progressively tilting trees.

Landslides occur where they have before, and in identifiable hazard locations. Ask for information on landslides in your area, specific information on areas vulnerable to landslides, and request a professional referral for a very detailed site analysis of your property, and corrective measures you can take, if necessary.

Be aware that your interests might be different from what benefits vested interests and the powers that be: “Evidence is presented to show that there is a growing disparity between the public perception and the scientific evidence relating to the causes of floods and landslides, their impacts and the benefits of mitigation measures. It is suggested that this disparity has arisen through the extensive promotion of certain land uses and engineering interventions by vested interest groups in the absence of any effective dissemination of the scientific evidence, which may allow a contrary view. It is recognized that the interaction of floods and society is a highly complex subject: Floods and landslides may have both natural and anthropogenic causes...” [Quoted from Ian R Calder, Bruce Aylward and Russell A LaFayette - CLUWRR, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK & USDA Forest Service, Milwaukee, WI, USA]

How to Protect Your Community and Your Property:
If your property is in a landslide-prone area, contract with a private consulting company specializing in earth movement for opinions and advice on landslide problems and on corrective measures you can take. Such companies would likely be those specializing in geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, or civil engineering. Local officials could possibly advise you as to the best kind of professional to contact in your area. Taking steps without consulting a professional could make your situation worse. However, be aware that “allopathic” remedies, such as lots of concrete, and the like, might be a lot more costly than “oriental medicine” and natural remedies – that is, vegetation.

Install flexible pipefittings to avoid gas or water leaks. Flexible fittings will be less likely to break.

And more than anything else, prepare and execute a plan for reforestation and vegetation management using optimally selected trees and vegetation.

Media and Community Education Ideas:
In an area prone to landslides, publish a special newspaper section with emergency information on landslides and debris flows. Localize the information by including the phone numbers of local emergency services offices, the American Red Cross chapter, and hospitals, as well as publish reliable sources for consulting services, geotechnical engineering and landscaping businesses, vegetation and trees optimally adapted for hillside and landslide management; as well as personal testimony and experiences of people who have addressed the issue successfully.

Report on what city and county governments are doing to reduce the possibility of landslides. Interview local officials about local land- use zoning regulations. Be aware that often, local government is very slow to act, and that their way of addressing problems might be vastly different from what you’d wish them to be. In other words, you might find that zoning laws, city hall and the fire department, for example, are your adversaries, rather than your allies, in your efforts to address the major environmental issue of hillside and landslide management with rational and long-term environmental solutions. Be prepared!

Advocate simple and high impact solutions, and work on putting government back on the right side of the problem: If any environmental group or even any individual was offered use or better, property rights after achieving specified results in a given timeframe, in exchange for proper reforestation and hill management, 90% of all landslides and mudslides would be avoided in less than 10 years time.

Actually, it has been estimated that very simple mitigation measures using terracing, wells and optimally adapted trees and vegetation could alleviate up to 50% of the most common landslide related problem in just 1 to 2 years time! And it’s a lot cheaper than facing the in the medium and long-term unavoidable consequences of doing nothing.

More, proper reforestation and vegetation management creates the opportunity of producing wood, fiber and foodstuff, as well as, possibly, new recreational areas, and can greatly contribute to the local microclimate, air quality, and other such environmental issues.
Show people that there is potentially good money to make by doing the right things, which might encourage everyone to actually do the right thing!

What to Do Before Intense Storms and Long Periods of Rain:
Become familiar with the land around you. Learn whether landslides and debris flows have occurred in your area by contacting local officials, state geological surveys or departments of natural resources, and university departments of geology. Knowing the land can help you assess your risk for danger.

Watch the patterns of storm-water drainage on slopes near your home, and especially the places where runoff water converges, increasing flow over soil-covered slopes. Watch the hillsides around your home for any signs of land movement, such as small landslides or debris flows, or progressively tilting trees. Watching small changes could alert you to the potential of a greater landslide threat.

Remember that one ounce of prevention can often help you avoid many pounds if not tons of cure. Learn to “sculpt the land” before hand. Small work beforehand can redirected channels, or diffuse problems, that otherwise could have become acute. Also, issues such as water saturation, water tables, etc, can often be addressed beforehand with natural water-pumps, also known as “trees”. Select cultivars and clones of optimally adapted and relatively fire-resistant trees can grow up to 20 feet a year, reach 80 feet in 6 or 7 years, and have taproots going up to150% deeper than they are tall. Some of these trees can be planted only a few feet apart, and in dense patterns that practically make a mudslide impossible under normal conditions.

What to Do After a Landslide:
Replant damaged ground with fast-growing species as soon as possible since erosion caused by loss of ground cover can lead to flash flooding and mudslides. [Quoted verbatim from federal guidelines.] And, of course, terrace your hills!

Seek the advice of geotechnical and vegetation management experts for evaluating landslide hazards or designing corrective techniques to reduce landslide risk. A professional will be able to advise you of the best ways to prevent or reduce landslide risk, without creating further hazard.

You can find more about what to do about landslides in general here: . This document was prepared by the National Disaster Education Coalition with contributions of the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, International Association of Emergency Managers, Institute for Business and Home Safety, National Fire Protection Association, National Weather Service, United States Department of Agriculture/Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service and United States Geological Survey. The present document was prepared in part using material found there, and in part with material provided by the Foundation for Naturally Optimal Solutions to Environmental Problems with Regenerative Agriculture & Sylviculture and the Sustainable Organic Regenerative Agriculture & Sylviculture Trust. © 2005 NOSEPRAS Foundation & SORAS Trust. All rights reserved worldwide.

Thursday, February 17, 2005




There is a sad reality: As long as you do not understand the following, you cannot do anything for the planet. Also, and perhaps even more importantly, from your own point of view, you cannot really do anything for those you love or care for, and for yourself.

At that stage, people are, in fact, like blind but hyperactive children, enthralled by Maya, the Illusion of Things. Totally unaware of what will impact their destiny, of what is happening around them, which sooner or later will befall them.Becoming fully conscious and totally aware of what follows will literally change your life, and is indeed the very base on which everything else can be built.

Earth is a living organism. This was demonstrated a century ago by Helan Jaworski, and was later further explored by the "Gaia Hypothesis".
About this, please see what SaveGaia (then "Sauver la Terre") "Honors Committee" Member, Nobel Laureate, Count Maurice Maeterlinck had to say about this here, as it was entrusted to our Founder Andre Birre in the 1930's: under the title: "To the Great Genius of Dr Helan JAWORSKI, Modern Pioneer of our Understanding of the Gaeon [Gaia, the Mother Planet], as a Living Organism."


To understand this unavoidable fact, just envision the cells in your body as the individual living organisms they actually are, even if they all work together symbiotically to support the overall aggregate, your body. When some cells get damaged or die up, as they constantly do, the overall colony simply replaces them. But if a great number of them get destroyed, ill or sick, as in a cancer, or if key cells misfunction, and particularly the cells in charge of the protection of the overall organism, as in AIDS, then the whole aggregate (that is, YOU) may die, or will die. This, because the whole cell aggregate in turn is a super-organism of its own, YOU, your body as a whole.

Now, simply envision the Earth as being the same thing - a super-organism. Just like you and me. One who evolved naturally, not to "support life" as its primary function, but to *BE* life. And that is exactly the situation we live in: All of us, minerals, vegetals, animals and human beings, we are all part of that super-organism called Earth, and its cancer is often ~us~.

However, once we become conscious and aware of all this, and of what it means, we can turn back into what we meant to be: The caretakers, in truth, the very immune system of the Mother Earth. Becoming again what we are supposed to be, the immune system of our host organism, the one we call the Gaeon or Gaia, the Mother Planet, that is what "Saving Gaia" is all about. This is the only purpose of and this is why GAIA NEEDS YOUR HELP!

We must wake up and work all together to save Gaia, or we will be destroyed ourselves. Over-population, abuse of resources, pollution, the poisoning of all food resources with pesticides, terminator seeds and genetically-modified organisms will kill us all as surely as a billion nuclear weapons detonating at once, if we don't *start to do something about it*! It's not only necessary for Gaia's sake, but even more so, for *ours*.

Be sure of one thing: Gaia is stronger than us. Way stronger than us. Gaia will destroy its own cancer and AIDS, one way or another, if no other way, simply by making insane those she wants to destroy. It will happen through (often manmade) diseases. Or the cancer will eat itself (climate changes; loss of ozone; depletion of oxygen sources; over-population leading to pandemia; radioactive poisoning with uranium; nuclear, biologic, chemical or electromagnetic wars; etc, or simply the explosion of a super-volcano, such as the one cooking up under Yellowstone National Park).

Be sure of one more thing: Gaia will grow again, as we go the way of the dinosaurs. So we, that is YOU, first and foremost, since all changes can only start with and within ourselves, YOU either take care of Gaia, or Gaia will take care of us all!

Remember: Either YOU HELP TAKE CARE OF GAIA, or Gaia will take care of us, and that includes you and me!

A bit of perspective: Have you ever heard of Chi Gong, Kung Fu, Taoism?
According to such sources, as quoted by the leader of the banned Chinese Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) movement, who obviously had access to antique sources little-known in the West, there have been no less than *82* advanced civilizations that preceded us, and all went into oblivion before us. And indeed, museums are full of "inexplicable artefacts", such as millions years old pieces of metal machinery found in coal beds.
If you want to know how such things could and did happen, besides cosmic or volcanic cataclysms, or think that such things will never happen again, because we are too "advanced" or "civilized" for that today, maybe you should read the following quotes from old Indian, Egyptian and Middle-Eastern and Biblical sources, or perhaps want to think about hundreds of rather interesting "creation myths"convey.

Here are a few choice tidbits:

In the Sumerian story of the creation of "the adam", that is, "the earthling", found in Mesopotamian texts on clay tablets, it is said: " achieve this feat Enki suggested that a ‘being that already exists’, an ape female, be used to create the Lulu Amelu (‘the mixed worker’) by ‘binding’ upon the less evolved beings ‘the mold of the gods’. The goddess Sud purified the ‘essence’ of a young male Anunnaki; she mixed it into the egg of an ape female. The fertilized egg was then implanted in the womb of a female Anunnaki, for the required period of pregnancy. When the ‘mixed creature’ was born, Sud lifted him up and shouted: ‘I have created! My hands have made it!' " Does this story remind you of something, or rings some bell?

Abraham "looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah and he beheld and saw a smoke rising from the earth, as the smoke of a furnace." (Gen 18:27). Z.S., in a 1985 book, remarked: "...the immense cavity in the center of the Sinai and the resulting fracture lines, the vast surrounding flat area covered with blackened stones, traces of radiation south of the Dead Sea, the new extent and shape of the Dead Sea... (all this) is still there, four thousand years later."

During the war between Horus and Seth, recounted in old Egyptian chronicles, when Horus strikes, he: "...let loose against them a storm which they could neither see with their eyes, nor hear with their ears. It brought death to all of them in a single moment."

When Zeus battled the Titans: "The hot vapor lapped around the Titans, of Gaia born, flame unspeakable rose bright to the upper air. The flashing glare of the Thunder-Stone, its lightning, blinded their eyes -- so strong it was. Astounding heat seized Chaos. It seemed as if Earth itself and wide Heaven above had come together, a mighty crash, as though Earth was hurled to ruin. Also were the winds brought rumbling, earthquake and dust storm, thunder and lightning..." "A flame shot forth from the stricken lord Tryphon in the dim, rugged, secluded valley of the Mount, when he was smitten. A great part of huge earth was scorched by the terrible vapor, melting as tin melts when heated by man’s art, in the glow of a blazing fire did the earth melt down."

In the MahaBharata, you can find the text that inspired Robert Oppenheimer quote ("I have become Death, the Destroyer of worlds"), made at Alamogordo in 1945, when the first nuclear device was voluntarly detonated: "...a single projectile, charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as a thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas... The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without apparent cause; and the birds turned white after a few hours... All foodstuffs were infected... To escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment." Asked a couple years later in a press conference if this had been the first nuclear explosion, he said: "Yes. Well... the first in our times..."

From the Ramayana: When the god Rama is "threatened by a army of monkeys" he puts a "magic arrow" into action, which "produces a flash of lighting stronger than the heat from a hundred thousand suns", "turning everything to dust..."

In the Mahabharata, you can find the following: "...white hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes. Water boiled... Horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands... The corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings."

From the "Book of Dzyan", one of the oldest chronicles of India: "Separation did not bring peace to these people and finally their anger reached a point where the ruler of the original city took with him a small number of his warriors and they rose into the air in a huge shining metal vessel. While they were many leagues from the city of their enemies, they launched a great shining lance that rode on a beam of light. It burst apart in the city of their enemies with a great ball of flame that shot up to the heavens, almost to the stars. All those who were in the city were horribly burned and even those who were not in the city - but nearby - were burned also. Those who looked upon the lance and the ball of fire were blinded forever afterward. Those who entered the city on foot became ill and died. Even the dust of the city was poisoned, as were the rivers that flowed through it. Men dared not go near it, and it gradually crumbled into dust and was forgotten by men. When the leader saw what he had done to his own people, he retired to his palace and refused to see anyone. Then he gathered about him those warriors, who remained, and their wives and children, and they entered their vessels and rose one by one into the sky and sailed away. Nor did they return."

What else do you need, to wake up?

Also in the Mahabharata, Arjuna is given a "celestial weapon" which he cannot use against humans "for it might destroy the world", but he could use it "outside this world" against "any foe who is not human." Folly comes in , when we start using such things against ourselves...

From a comment about the Manhattan Project: "Here's a ‘fun’ fact: Very little was known about what the actual effect of an atomic explosion would be prior to its actual detonation. There was one theory, for instance, which suggested the detonation might spark a chain reaction that would burn up the entire atmosphere of the planet Earth, instantly and horrifically killing the entire human race in one fell stroke (and just about every other living thing as well). But great scientists don't let themselves be stopped by little worries like that. The test went forward...”

"The ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, for example, recounts a war between Rama, prince of Ayodhya in India, and Ravana, ruler of Sri Lanka. When Lakshmana offered Rama a new weapon that could 'destroy the entire race of the enemy, including those who could not bear arms', Rama responded that such a weapon could not be used 'because such destruction en masse was forbidden by the ancient laws of war, even though Ravana was fighting an unjust war with an unrighteous objective'." -- Jayantha Dhanapala, UN Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament, New York, 9 May 2002, speech at the "Spring Meeting of the Section of International Law and Practice - American Bar Association"

And now, meditate a second on this one:

"In accepting his Nobel Peace Prize on 10 December 2001, Secretary-General Kofi Annan commented on a phenomenon known as the 'Butterfly Effect' -- According to scientists, the world of nature is so small and interdependent that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon rainforest can generate a violent storm on the other side of the earth. He noted that, for better or worse, the world of human activity also has its own 'Butterfly Effect' -- Human actions can either save the world or destroy it." -- Jayantha Dhanapala, UN Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament, New York, 9 May 2002, speech at the "Spring Meeting of the Section of International Law and Practice - American Bar Association"

Think of it!

And realize that We, The Peoples; We, Human Beings, we -each of us- can choose conscious awareness, at any time, including, *right now*. We can turn away from being diseased, cancerous, self-destructing cells proliferating on Gaia, the Living Planet. We can go back to being what we were meant to be: Her caretakers, Her very immune system.

YOU can. The choice is YOURS. GAIA NEEDS YOU!



Writes us, and become a member, while you can still MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE TRULY ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE FARMING & GARDENING IS LOOKING FOR SOME LAND in or near West LOS ANGELES (such as Malibu, Santa Monica mountains canyons, etc) TO OPERATE MODEL FACILITY SHOWCASING HOW ANYONE CAN GROW "MIRACLE PLANTS" WITH IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTING PROPERTIES -- a wonderful opportunity to showcase truly organic & sustainable farming & gardening, as well as what it can be used for!

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother Theresa

[The process of creating this model facility will be thoroughly documented through multimedia recordings, and made widely available using relevant technologies, such as DVD, RSS feeds, etc, so to be easily replicated anywhere in the world.]


If any of you readers own a piece of land in or near Los Angeles (at least 1 acre, the more the better, and ideally -but not necessarily- zoned agricultural or horse property), just partnered with one of the best available experts on bio-dynamic organic agriculture, Jack McAndrew, whose biodynamic composts have been the secret behind some of the most beautiful gardens in "Hollywood" and on the Westside for many years, the sort of gardens of the rich and famous you can see depicted in Better Homes & Gardens.[Please email us if you need some of this compost, we will forward all requests to him.]

Jack is ready to start a serious model composting facility of the type of what Dr Ehrenfried Pfeiffer ran for the City of Oakland for many years in the past century, and this, absolutely at no costs to us! We also have volunteers lined up to help us with the workload... but we still need to find the land!

"Mother planet is showing us the red warning light - "be careful,” she is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house." - HH, the Dalai Lama

More, to the full extent of what available space will permit, we intend to use the place for a pilot "Community Supported Agriculture" project, to illustrate the value of raw and living foods in human and animal nutrition, and for pilot projects growing "miracle plants" and "miracle trees" such as:

Agaricus Blazei -- an immune system booster, a mushroom delicious to eat, close cousin to the common supermarket mushroom A. Campestris, currently building great interest because of its documented effects on AIDS and HIV+ patients, particularly in form of added longevity];

Artemisia Annua -- a form of wormwood, which has similar effects, but with cancer and malaria];

Paulownia Tomentosa -- a nitrogen-fixing high carbon absorption tree that has varieties which can grow to 80+ feet in 7 to 10 years ["Don't put your face over it or you may get a mouthful of leaves." Jimmy Carter- Former President and Commercial Paulownia Grower, discussing the trees fast growth.], producing rich animal feed and very valuable wood, and a 100 feet long taproot very useful for hill management, landslide prevention, etc, plus leaves that are valuable as a base for nutraceuticals; or, best of all,

Moringa Oleifera & Moringa Stenopetala, trees which are *entirely edible* and also strong immune-system boosters: The leaves are delicious and contain more iron than spinach, 2 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more potassium than bananas, and 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges, among plenty of other things (the list goes on and on), including numerous compounds of medicinal value -- and it grows up to 15 feet a year too and should be part of a comprehensive program of terracing hills for landslide control as well!

This is the famous tree that population reductionists hate, because it is already making a significant dent into the development of the AIDS pandemic in Central and South Africa, which was promising to depopulate the entire continent... Now, if it can save the life of a malnourished African child with little or no medical support, and of his mother too, *imagine* what it could do for a well-fed, well-cared-for person in West Hollywood!

If you have a piece of unused land, donating it for a substantial tax deduction, or simply making it available at low or no cost for a reasonably long period of time could make a HUGE difference in many people's lives... In fact, this is probably one of the single most widely useful and compassionate thing you could ever do! Think of it! One acre of land could save many lives, right here, right now, including of people you personally know... and perhaps even *yours*!

And please don't forget: "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike." - John Muir

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

PS: (Delete the mailto: part if you type the addresses yourself). If anyone you know has AIDS or CANCER or any immune system related diseases, this is something you might want to send them to look at, or volunteer for!

PPS: If you know html, graphic design, RSS, PHP, PERL, MySQL, etc, or are a writer/editor, and would like to volunteer some of your time for a great cause, please email here:

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Global Change and the Earth System

BOOK REVIEW: “Global Change and the Earth System”, by W. Steffen and others, Springer-Verlag, £77/$129, ISBN 3540408002 Reviewed by Fred Pearce, under the title: “Gaia may not save us”

THERE are two sorts of concern for the environment. There is all that touchy-feely stuff about saving cuddly animals, and there is saving the planet from humanity's mega-depredations. Earth-system science deals with the latter. It deals with how our planet works, and offers suggestions about how we might avoid the Gulf Stream shutting down, save the ozone layer and stop the oceans from turning so acid that they dissolve the coral reefs.

It's a crowded agenda. And this scholarly but highly readable primer to the fate of the Earth, written by a dozen leading lights in a worldwide scientific network known as the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, seems to cover a new global peril on almost every one of its 300-odd pages. After spreading deserts and blooming oceans, Asian brown haze and the sulfur cycle, global warming almost seems like an afterthought.

One remarkable development on show in Global Change and the Earth System is the extent to which the Gaia hypothesis has taken over research into Earth systems, guiding researchers to new feedback between the geosphere and the biosphere. Will Gaia save us, after all? Probably not. The bad news seems to be that all Gaia's comforting negative feedbacks - designed, as true Gaians would have it, to maintain a habitable planet - are being overwhelmed and could be heading for chaotic mode. Hold onto your hats.

From issue 2435 of the New Scientist, a leading British science magazine, 21 February 2004, page 51.

Monday, February 14, 2005

To the Great Genius of Andre BIRRE, Founder of the "ORGANISATION FOR THE SERVICE OF LIFE" and "SAUVER LA TERRE"


"We are so hypnotized by the black gold we call oil, of which the supply is limited, that we fail to see that everyone can exploit that other gold-humus-not only without exhausting the supply, but constantly increasing it." - Andre Birre, "Humus: Wealth and Health of the Earth"

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Tickets are required to attend the Conscious Life Expo. You can place your order online or call 800-367-5777 . ecture are 45 minutes presentations running throughout the 3 Day event and are FREE for General Admission Ticket Holders. Click on Title for more info.

Details can be found here:

Anna Coy
Free Yourself From Pain: Learn to Breathe
Roger Valentine
What Is Regenesis Transformation
Mary Beal
Transforming Challenging Times Into Healing
Diana Payne
Facing the Dweller at the Threshold
Gloria Martel
Look Younger in 40 Minutes
VJ Kumar
Tsu-Tsair Chi
Fingernail and Tongue Analysis
Maggie Mellor
The Yogis' Secret for Manifestation Revealed
George Sedena Cappannelli
Finding Your Authentic Career Path
Brenda Ridgeway
Opening Up Your Own Intuitive Awareness
Leah Mueller
Astroplay--Astrology Comes Alive
Kelly Gaisford
Cellular Regeneration for Optimal Health and Longevity
Change your DNA for Loving Relationships
Laura DesJardins
How to Make Money in a Spiritual Way
Susan Levin
The Business of Speaking: A Marketing Strategy
Tom Walker, PhD
New Science and Spiritual Prosperity
William Henry
Secret Symbols & Codes: Meanings and Messages Revealed
Robert Jaffe MD
The Sufi Way to Healing
Abbie Breit
Future Medicine: Safe Removal of Toxic Metals
Verna V Aridon Yater
Spirit Doctors and Sound Healing
Richard Boylan
Star Kids, the Emerging Cosmic Generation
Dr Sari Sutka
Optimal Health
Terres Unsoeld
Awakening Your Soul with Sound, Color and Movement

Linda Schumacher
Liquid Nutritional Supplements
Robert Jaffe, MD
The Sufi Way to Healing
Heidi Dolce
Your Body’s pH Levels and Your Health
Anthony Tung
Positive Posture and Fat Burning Weight Loss
Herb Stockman
The Future is Energetic Medicine
Laura DesJardins
Astrology: An Adventure in Consciousness
Dr. Luke Cua
Traditional Chinese Medicine for Difficult Cases
John Clyde
Working With Energy for Your Health
Dr M Pangelinan
Gland Therapies and Glandular Repair
Dael Walker
The Power of Energy Healing
Linda Chollar
Reflexology for Pain Control
Dr. Alex Pana, M.D., D.D.S.
Holistic Whole Body Dentistry
Lisa Silverman
The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
Sandra Mckee
Unity in Phi
Joyce Kenyon
The High Road to Healing, Love and Enlightenment
Janis Kristjanson
Radiant Skin Without Surgery
Become A Ph Miracle
Gerry Snelling
The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil
David Olszewski
Practical Applications Of Light and Heat Therapy
Robert Mathews
Healing Your Relationship with Money
Patricia Heller
How to Live a Life You Love or Love the Life You Live
Amba Zeller
Health Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest
Sally Veillette
Coming to Your Senses—Today!
Phyllis Light
Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa
Galactic Blueprint: the Gift of Global Reunion
Cyn Blashaw
Your Cells are Talking to You…Are You Listening?
Greg Wendt
Align Your Money With Your Values
Marg Hartwig
The Miracles of Cleansing
Nancy & Joe Belton
Breathe the Breath of Life
Sandy Harton
Oxygen – The Breath of Life
James Boschman
Essential Nutrition
Brenda Ridgeway
Opening Up Your Own Intuitive Awareness
Fran Sterling
Dangers of Computers, Cell Phones & EMFs
Clelia Vahni
Divine Alchemy
Dr Mick Hall
Energy Vortex Technologies
Paul & Lillie Weisbart
Stellar Body Wellness
Terry Gibbons
Choosing, Finding and Attracting a Life Mate
Seraph Hanfling
Global Response Environmenatl Letter Writing
Paula Thompson
Astonishing Evidence of ET Visitation
Douglas Taylor
The Science of Reincarnation
Tom Walker, PhD
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Enigma
Melana Teves
Malena’s Psychic Makeover!
Wynn Free
InterdimensInterdimensional Communication
Prem Rawat
Words of Peace: A DVD Presentation
Michael Langevin
Secrets of the Ancient Incas
Susan Miller
The Year Ahead 2005

Scott Bartlett
A Spiritual Being Living A Human Life
Shari Silvey
Mini Playshop: Transform & Become The Butterfly
Greg Hoag
The Secret Truths Behind Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui
John Clyde
Profound Meditation with Hemi-Sync® and Other Energy Tools
Ani Vivienne
Awakening The Soul Meditation
Katrina Kittlles
Sacred Lover
Robert Perala
Extraterrestrial Emissaries
Dr Mick Hall
Energy Vortex Technologies
Eric Brummel
Connecting Through Tradition
Bridget Hansard
Violet Flame Alchemy of the Aquarian Age
Liza Glazer and Ted Stefan
Experiential Workshop: Light and Soul
Shamanic Sound Healing
Carol Morgan
Radical Relationship Repair
Berry Kapp
Increasing Psychic Abilities with Plant Essences
Daniel Venograd
Understanding Disease: A Practical Approach
Rick Wagner
Gut Level Health
Deborah Banker Md
Natural Vision Improvement - Reversing the Aging Process
Cristhal Bennet
The Cosmic Shift: The Age of Awakening is Upon Us
Walter Wainright
Anti-Cancer Soy Phytochemicals in Soybeans
Victor Barron
Humanity's Spiritual Plague
Alfred King
Discover the Power of Your Birthstone
Anita Cramm
Prophesies of the Times to Come
Stephen Feig
Super Digestion: Healing Your Guts
Phyllis Light
Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World
Kelley Gaisford
Hidden Dangers in Food: How to Protect You and Your Children
Jodell Bumatay
Advanced Psychic Healing and Training in Everyday Life
Fabien Maman
Accessing Tama-Do, "Way of the Soul"
Helaine Harris
Awakening Your True Power
J Shima Moore
Self-Hypnosis: Authenticity, Achievement and Relaxation
Len Watson
The "Ultimate Cleanse" --The Foundation of Rejuvenation
Shelly Blechman
Nutrition - The Way to Health
Kathryn Alice
Five Steps To Your Soulmate
Beth Carpenter
Medical Intuitive – What is it?
Donna Fox
The Akashic Records and You
Laura Lee
Your Guradian Angels Revealed
Victoria Overton
Success Consciousness -Manifestation 101
Eli Davidson, M.A.
Jumpstart Your Life: Making Change Easy, Fast and Fun